Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Christmas & Our Lady of Guadalupe

On Christmas Eve, I'm going to do something which I'm afraid that I've been neglecting in recent years. I'm going to look up into the night sky & at all the stars & remember that God is still up there, looking upon all of us and that He and He alone has all the Power; all the Might; & all the Glory.

Our Blessed Mother, however, has been given Special Power by God to protect all those who consecrate their hearts and lives to Her Immaculate Heart & the Sacred Heart of Jesus. So, no matter what She will protect & preserve us in these times, and keep us under the protection of  Her Mantle.

The Blessed Mother; in particular, Our Lady of Guadalupe (Guadalupe means "She who crushes the serpent)," will put an End to all Abortion & She will crush the evil one underfoot. Even now, the evil one's power is waning. After She destroys the power of Satan, She will bind him in chains, and cast him & all the demons into the pit of Hell & the chasm will be Closed Forever so he can Never menace mankind ever again! Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph! There will be a new Heaven & a new Earth, and Christ the King will Reign Forever. Peace & Great Joy will be ours!

Here is a picture of a statue of Our Lady that was left untouched and intact on Long Island even though at least a hundred homes burnt to the ground in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

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