Saturday, February 2, 2013

"It Gets Better." Please Read On-God Says: I Will Have Mercy Upon Whom I Will Have Mercy

I know that my last post must have been extremely unpopular & offensive to many people. However, I wrote it in a truly prophetic manner, and how I see in these times that prophecy is being fulfilled. I am not trying to be cruel nor abusive to people by what I wrote; I love all people, but it is true that God calls all extra-marital sex a sin. God invented the Sacrament of Marriage as something Holy, between a man & a woman. Otherwise there would be no human race; nor any continuance of it. God does not in any way Not love all people; He wishes that all people would listen to the guidelines He has given us. He gave us these guidelines in order for us to have a happy life (even though people who follow God are guaranteed by Him to face persecution in this life). God is not being mean, and He knows that we, as imperfect human beings will make choices or partake in actions which are contrary to the way He has set the natural order of things. To put it in a more lucid way; God does not want us to hurt ourselves because He loves us so much. He gives each of us free will to do what we think is right. He hopes that we will listen to Him and His instructions as best as possible. However, all of us are fatally-flawed because of the Sin Nature that we are born with. God is Our Creator & just like any designer or writer, or artist, the creation is not of equal value with the designer and/or the creator. God does speak very clearly about sexual "Acts" that He says are "unnatural;" however, He also states in the Bible that "There Will Be No Male nor Female." (Capital Letters Used for Emphasis Only). So, I must find out where God states this passage in the Bible & to see its context; what comes before it, what comes after it & how other passages in the Bible back up. God did give the warning twice though about certain sins that will keep people from going to Heaven. BUT; Jesus told the His Apostles the List of Sins That Would Keep People From Entering the Kingdom of God; After this; Peter said, "Then Who Can be Saved?" Peter; Jesus' Apostle Asked; "Jesus; show us the Father." Jesus replied, "I & the Father Are One." God stated, wait a minute-"I Will Have Mercy Upon Whom I Will Have Mercy!