Saturday, March 30, 2013

Book Review of Get Us Out of Here! Maria Simma is interviewed by Nicky Eltz

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This is the most in-depth information ever related on the existence of The Poor Souls-the souls in purgatory that I have ever read! I bought it from the Medjegorje Web store & it is fascinating! Even though Christian believers are "born again" or they could not enter the Kingdom of God; they still commit sins. As for Catholic Christians; if we do not use the Sacrament of Confession to become absolved of our sins & we; along with others do not convert nor repent (it's a process that is repeated more than once in a lifetime) we must be completely purified if we are to stand before Our Almighty, All-Holy, & All Pure God. Maria Simma; who is interviewed in this book about her "vocation" of assisting souls; making sacrifices, having Masses offered for them, & willingly suffering to pay their debt,she has led many , many souls joyfully into Heaven. Souls who are in Purgatory but whom their living relatives forget about; don't pray for; nor have masses said for them, are very sad & feel abandoned. Maria Simma gave her entire life up to work & suffer for the Poor Souls! The Poor Souls cannot expediate their moving into Heaven; however, they have very, very great powers to assist us in our lives here on Earth. This is a book that one will never forget reading; I already want to read it again so that I can remember its wealth of information. The subject of Purgatory is not a very popular one, and some of the info in this book can be frightening! However, there is no reason to be afraid because Maria Simma, by her own life example has opened up a truly new vocation choice for people to become workers & sacrificers for the Poor Souls who will through their great gratefulness to us, will in turn ask Jesus & His Blessed Mother to assist us in astounding ways & graces in this life, & a great crown in the next.
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